Fall 2010 Internet Up Front League

League Champion: Richard Mello

Playoff Results

Round 1:
Single Elimination
Petr Houzar(#3) vs. Richard Irving (#4) 
Scenario C - Richard's Russian Defense defeated Petr's German Attack

Round 2:
Best 2 out of 3
Bruce Wigdor(#2) vs. Richard Irving 
Bruce wins series, 2-0
Game 1: Scenario N - Bruce's Japanese defeated Richard's Americans
Game 2: Scenario L - Bruce's Japanese Defense defeated Richard's French Attack

Championship Series:
Best 4 out of 7
Richard Mello(#1) vs. Bruce Wigdor 
Richard wins IUFL Championship, 4-3
Game 1: Scenario E - Richard's German Defense defeated Bruce's Russian Attack
Game 2: Scenario M (night rules) - Richard's Germans defeated Bruce's Americans
Game 3: Scenario L - Richard's French Attack defeated Bruce's German Defense
Game 4: Scenario T - Bruce's British Attack defeated Richard's Italian Defense
Game 5: Scenario C - Bruce's Japanese Defense defeated Richard's American Attack
Game 6:
Game 7: Scenario F - Richard's Japanese Attack defeated Bruce's American Defense

Final Standings 





x-Richard Mello 13 3 .813
y-Bruce Wigdor 12 4 .733
y-Petr Houzar 8 7 .533
y-Richard Irving 7 9 .438
Brian Lucid 6 9 .400
Chandler Braswell 5 11 .313
Scott Russell* 4 11 .267
Ray Stakenas Sr.****** 4 6 .400

* - record does not include forfeits for unplayed games (one for each *)
x - clinched regular season championship
y - clinched playoff berth

Game Results 




Att/Def defeated Player



K Bruce Wigdor Russian Attack   Richard Mello French Defense  
S Bruce Wigdor Japanese Defense Chandler Braswell American Attack
C Bruce Wigdor British Defense   Chandler Braswell German Attack  
I Bruce Wigdor German Attack   Brian Lucid Russian Defense  
M Bruce Wigdor American     Brian Lucid Japanese    
H Bruce Wigdor French Attack   Brian Lucid American Defense  
B Richard Mello German     Scott Russell French    
C Bruce Wigdor Japanese Attack   Petr Houzar American Defense  
B Bruce Wigdor American     Petr Houzar French    
B Bruce Wigdor German     Richard Irving French    
R Richard Irving Russian Defense   Bruce Wigdor German Attack  
P Bruce Wigdor Japanese Defense   Richard Irving American Attack  
D Richard Mello Russian Defense   Bruce Wigdor Italian Attack  
X Richard Mello Japanese Attack   Richard Irving American Defense  
F Richard Mello German Attack   Petr Houzar British Defense  
U Petr Houzar German Defense   Richard Mello British Attack  
A Richard Irving German     Richard Mello Russian    
T Petr Houzar Italian Attack   Chandler Braswell Russian Defense  
C Petr Houzar Russian Attack   Chandler Braswell Italian Defense  
F Petr Houzar Russian Defense   Chandler Braswell German Attack  
X Petr Houzar Japanese Attack   Brian Lucid American Defense  
B Brian Lucid British     Peter Houzar Italian    
F Bruce Wigdor Japanese Attack   Ray Stakenas Sr. American Defense  
C Richard Irving British Defense   Brian Lucid German Attack  
C Brian Lucid Russian Attack   Richard Irving Italian Defense  
C Scott Russell German Defense   Bruce Wigdor Russian Attack  
Q Richard Mello German Defense   Brian Lucid American Attack desert
W Richard Mello American Defense   Brian Lucid Japanese Attack  
Q Richard Mello Japanese Defense   Scott Russell British Attack night
P Scott Russell Japanese Defense   Chandler Braswell British Attack  
W Chandler Braswell Russian Attack   Scott Russell Japanese Defense  
E Richard Mello French Attack   Chandler Braswell German Defense  
D Scott Russell American Attack   Bruce Wigdor Japanese Defense  
C Richard Mello American Defense   Chandler Braswell Italian Attack  
P Richard Irving Japanese Defense   Petr Houzar Russian Attack  
W Richard Mello Russian Attack   Ray Stakenas Sr. Italian Defense  
W Petr Houzar Russian Attack   Richard Irving Japanese Defense  
B Chandler Braswell Russian     Brian Lucid Italian    
T Brian Lucid Japanese Attack   Chandler Braswell British Defense  
A Chandler Braswell Russian     Richard Irving Italian    
X Scott Russell Russian Defense   Richard Irving Italian Attack  
A Richard Irving British     Scott Russell Italian    
Q Richard Mello Russian Defense   Chandler Braswell Japanese Attack  
X Chandler Braswell Japanese Defense   Scott Russell British Attack  
K Bruce Wigdor Italian Defense   Scott Russell Russian Attack  
T Brian Lucid German Attack   Ray Stakenas Sr. British Defense desert
X Ray Stakenas Sr. German Defense   Brian Lucid French Attack  
L Richard Irving British Defense   Chandler Braswell French Attack  
R Chandler Braswell Italian Defense   Richard Irving Russian Attack  
O Petr Houzar Japanese Defense   Scott Russell American Attack  
H Brian Lucid British Defense   Scott Russell Japanese Attack  
W Ray Stakenas Sr. French Defense   Petr Houzar Japanese Attack  
B Brian Lucid German     Scott Russell British   desert
X Ray Stakenas Sr. German Defense   Richard Irving Russian Attack  
W Richard Irving British Defense   Eay Stakenas Sr. German Attack  


League Info:

Send all league e-mails, including all game reports, to the League Mailing List at IUFLMail@yahoogroups.com 
Season Length: 16 games, plus playoffs
Game Frequency: must stay on (or ahead of) pace of 1 game per week

League Champions:

Fall 1998 - Roberto Ullfig (def. Bruce Wigdor, 4-3)
Winter 1999 - George Young (def. Roberto Ullfig, 4-2)
Spring 1999 - Roberto Ullfig (def. Bruce Wigdor, 3-1)
Summer 1999 - Roberto Ullfig (def. Tom O' Brien, 3-2)
Fall 1999 - Bruce Wigdor (def. George Young, 3-1)
Winter 2000 - Jean-Luc Brouillet (def. Bruce Wigdor, 3-2)
Spring 2000 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Roberto Ullfig, 3-1)
Summer 2000 - Bill Broome (def. Kevin Thatcher, 3-0)
Fall 2000 - Bill Broome (def. Roberto Ullfig, 3-2)
Winter 2001 - Roberto Ullfig (def. Jean-Luc Brouillet, 3-1)
Spring 2001 - Josh Campbell (def. Roberto Ullfig, 3-2)
Summer 2001 - Bari Herman (def. Jean-Luc Brouillet, 4-3)
Fall 2001 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Jean-Luc Brouillet, 3-0)
Winter 2002 - Kevin Thatcher (def. Gary Baziuk, 4-2)
Spring 2002 - Josh Campbell (def. Bruce Wigdor, 4-1)
Summer 2002 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Bari Herman, 3-0)
Fall 2002 - Gary Baziuk (def. Bruce Wigdor, 4-2)
Winter 2003 - Jean-Luc Brouillet (def. George Young, 3-2)
Spring 2003 - Roberto Ullfig (def. Paul Suderman, 3-0)
Summer 2003 - Josh Campbell (def. Bruce Wigdor, 3-2)
Fall 2003 - Jean-Luc Brouillet (def. Petr Houzar, 3-2)
Winter 2004 - Jean-Luc Brouillet (def. Paul Van Etten, 3-1)
Spring 2004 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Ray Stakenas II, 3-0)
Summer 2004 - Bari Herman (def. Michal Tomsu, 3-1)
Fall 2004 - Michal Tomsu (def. Jean-Luc Brouillet, 3-0)
Winter 2005 - Pete Petrogonas (def. Jean-Luc Brouillet, 3-1)
Spring 2005 - Bari Herman (def. Petr Houzar, 3-0)
Summer 2005 - Richard Mello (def. Petr Houzar, 4-3)
Fall 2005 - Richard Mello (def. Bari Herman, 4-2)
Winter 2006 - Richard Mello (def. Jean-Luc Brouillet, 4-1)
Spring 2006 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Michal Tomsu, 4-1)
Fall 2006 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Richard Mello, 4-3)
Winter 2007 - Jean-Luc Brouillet (def. Petr Houzar, 4-2)
Spring 2007 - Andrew Strauss (def. Petr Houzar 4-1)
Summer 2007 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Andrew Strauss, 4-0)
Fall 2007 - Jean-Luc Brouillet (def. Bruce Wigdor, 4-1)
Spring 2008 - Jean-Luc Brouillet (def. Pete Petrogonas, 4-2)
Summer 2008 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Jean-Luc Brouillet, 4-0)
Fall 2008 - Pete Petrogonas (def. Dennis Nicholson, 4-2)
Winter 2009 - Jean-Luc Brouillet (def. Bruce Wigdor, 4-3)
Summer 2009 - Phil Henderson (def. Petr Houzar, 4-0)
Fall 2009 - Richard Mello (def. Bruce Wigdor, 4-2)
Winter 2010 - Bruce Wigdor (def. Richard Mello, 4-3)
Spring 2010 - Richard Mello (def. Bruce Wigdor, 4-2)
Summer 2010 - Richard Mello (def. Bruce Wigdor, 4-3)