How to run Wargameroom programs on a Mac

1: Create a new folder on the desktop called wargameroom (it will be used to store wgr programs)

2: Unzip the contents of the relevant application into the wargameroom folder, preferably into a subfolder there (Alex said the default Mac unzip program will do this automatically). For the purposes of this, we'll assume you are using the Paths of Glory program, version 8.4, and that the subfolder created is called pog84

3. Open terminal. Look at the top right of your screen. It has a magnifying glass. Click it. Type terminal into the spotlight prompt. Terminal is a program on the list. It opens a window analagous to the old DOS prompt.

4. (0ptional if you would like to put an icon for opening Terminal on your desktop) Right click on the terminal icon. Click options. Select "Keep in dock" for future use.

5: Go to the terminal window
Type the command "cd desktop" and hit <ENTER>
Type the command "cd wargameroom" and hit <ENTER>
Type the command "cd pog84" and hit <ENTER> to get to the POG directory (Remember we are using POG for this explanation. For a different game, you would type in the name of the folder that is appropriate).

6: Type the following command:

java -Xmx256M -cp . pog

The program should start and you should be in business! Note again that you'd substitute "ts" for "pog" if you are trying to run the Twilight Struggle program.