Alternate Opponents for Wargameroom League Members

League members are of course asked to do their best to meet up with their regularly scheduled opponents!  However, for even the most well-intentioned of league members, sometimes this is not possible.  For those who cannot find an opponent and who are behind schedule, there are two options:

Option 1: Be online in the Wargameroom Chat Room on the night of the league deadline (Sunday, 8 PM Eastern Time [GMT - 5 normally, GMT - 4 in summer]), and you will either receive a substitute opponent, or be excused from the game. 
All league members with remaining games on their schedule are encouraged to show up for these deadline events to be available as substitute opponents.

...or, if Sunday night 8 PM Eastern is not a good time for you:

Option 2: Send an e-mail to the league's mailing list, giving everyone at least 48 hours advance notice of a specific time that you will be online and available to play.  As with option 1, you will either receive a substitute opponent, or be excused.  Again, all league members are encouraged to show up at these times to help.

Only players who are in danger of falling behind may have a Deadline Event.  However, almost any league member can be a substitute opponent if they show up at another player's Deadline Event.  Players with forfeits: the only way you can make up forfeits is by being a substitute opponent!

If you have scheduled a Deadline Event, please be on time!  When it is time for your Deadline Event, you must announce to the Chat Room that you are there for your Deadline Event and are requesting opponents  Make a sound so people know you're there.  You are required to wait 15 minutes if no one has shown up for the Deadline Event.  You are allowed to wait as long as 30 minutes, but no longer.

If more than one league member shows up, here is the priority order for who you should play: 
1: Players who are currently on your schedule: your choice if more than one
2: Players who have forfeits: player with best league record if more than one
3: Players who have games remaining on their schedule: player with best league record if more than one
Players who do not have any games or forfeits may not act as substitute opponents.
If more than one player has a Deadline Event at the same time:
If there are not enough substitute opponents to go around, pair the players who are holding the Deadline Event against each other.  The priority is to make sure the Deadline Event holders are playing in a game; beyond that, use as many substitute opponents as possible.
Example: 3 players show up at the regularly scheduled Deadline Event.  2 potential substitute opponents show up.  Pick the substitute opponent with the highest priority and assign him randomly to one of the 3 Deadline Event holders.  The remaining 2 Deadline Event holders will play against each other.