Wargameroom Multi-player Saturdays

Saturdays at 1 PM Eastern Time (GMT-5, GMT-4 summer time)


It can be hard to get a multi-player game going here on Wargameroom.  For any multi-player program that's been out for more than a few months, it's not very often you'll find a large enough group of people willing and able to play it.


The league Deadline Events on Sunday nights always seem to draw a crowd of people, even those not involved in the leagues.  People just know there are going to be people online at that time (8 PM Eastern), and the Chat Room is usually at its most crowded at these times.


In an effort to enable a few more opportunities for the fans of multi-player action, Saturday is being designated as the official meeting day for multi-player action.  The specific time we're going to start with is 1 PM Eastern Time.  That's Saturday afternoon in America, Saturday evening in Europe, and hopefully a reasonable time for a majority of the gamers here who wish to devote a block of time necessary to play one of the multi-player designs.


For those who can't be there at 1 PM: although that is the official start time, there might be games starting late, or early starting games that need a replacement.


Join us in the Chat Room on Saturdays!