(3/25/2017)  Hi everybody; just wanted to let everyone know that the next game to be released will be Fire in the Lake instead of No Retreat.  Programming No Retreat was too much like a moving target, and once the new edition was announced, I decided to shelve the project until the new edition was more stable rules-wise.

Instead, I have been programming Fire in the Lake, and the results are mostly excellent.  Unlike most programs where I write all the code before I even begin to test, I began to test the code and develop the interface before I had programmed any of the effects of the cards, and I've been mostly programming the cards as I've been going along testing.  I've got roughly 2/3 of the cards done, and the main mechanics are already working far better than most initial releases on Wargameroom.  Also, the interface is sweet!  I've been having a blast with it.  Really nice looking, and the physical cards are included.

Unfortunately, that causes a problem commen with the most complex interfaces here: the dreaded memory crash.  Using real cards, and having indicidual pieces being clicked on and highlighted seems to tax the primitive Java graphics package that I use in these programs to overload, and it seems to be a chronic problem in this program.  I've got to find a way to fix the problem before the new program is viable to release.

So that's the status.  Basically I need to solve this graphics overload problem, and then the first release of the Fire in the Lake program should be out in less than a month after that.

Plans for the future include bots for the North Vietnam and Viet Cong players.  A lot of work and testing has already gone into them, but they are massive projects!