Twilight Struggle: Red Sea is a quick 2 turn game based on Twilight Struggle (GMT Games) by Twilight Struggle co-designer Jason Matthews.

The rules are almost exactly the same as Twilight Struggle. Here's what TS players need to know to play:

The game takes place in two regions: reduced portions of both Africa and the Middle East.

There are two turns: one considered Mid War and one considered Late War, with Late War cards being shuffled into the draw pile at the end of Turn 1. Final Scoring occurs at the end of Turn 2.

Scoring is the same as Twilight Struggle, but when Horn of Africa (as the region is called) is scored, if one player controls both Ethiopia and Somalia and has more African countries controlled than their opponent, that player wins automatically.

DEFCON prevents you from making coups or realignments in the Middle East when DEFCON is 3 or lower. Egypt, which is part of both Africa and the Middle East, IS subject to this restriction.

The "Romanian Authority" card works exactly like the China Card, but it is not as strong: it's an Ops 2 with a +1 bonus if you are down on VPs. If you finish the game with the Romanian Authority card, you get a 1 VP award.

There is a space called "Strategic Sea Lanes." It is not in either region, and is not considered to be a country. It has stability 4. No realignments or coups are allowed; you can only place influence there normally (no adjacency required), or use one of the events that affects the space.

Your status in the Sea Lanes helps you score VPs, as follows:

When a Scoring Card is played (not Final Scoring), if you Control the Sea Lanes, you double the VPs you are awarded for Scoring (that is, your score before any opponent score is subtracted). If you lead in the Sea Lanes without Control, you add +1 to your VPs.

In Final Scoring, if you Control the Sea Lanes, +2 VP. If you lead without Control, +1 VP. This bonus is only applied once in Final Scoring, not once for each region.

I jus Auto-Victory happens when either player has 10, not 20.

Here's the download:
Internet Twilight Struggle: Red Sea 2.6  (last updated 6/15/20)

Join us at the TS: Red Sea Discord channel if you'd like to take part in the discussion about the game's development!