How to run Wargameroom programs on Windows


In order to use Wargameroom programs, you must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer.

If you don't have the JRE, you can download the installer for the latest version here:

Download the JRE

Run the download. This will install the JRE on your computer, but often the installer does not set the PATH variable, which is necessary so that your computer knows where to find the JRE.

To see if things are working properly, you can open an old-style DOS Command Prompt by searching for "Command Prompt" on the Start menu. At the command line of the DOS prompt, type "java test".

If the result is Error: Could not find or load main class test, everything is fine and the JRE has been installed correctly (Java has opened successfully, but can't find the imaginary program "test").

If the result is 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file, then Java is not being found and it is likely that the PATH variable still needs to be set.

The proper path is to the bin subfolder that is created in the folder where you installed the JRE. For example, the path on my computer is:

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_231\bin

At the very least, the jdk1.8.0_231 part will be different on your computer--go to the C:\Program Files\Java folder, and check the name of the folder that was created there.

To modify the PATH Variable (this works on my computer at the very least), go to System Properties, choose the Advanced tab, and then press the Environmental Variables button. Go down to System Variables, click on Path, and then choose Edit. Add the bin directory where you unzipped the JRE to the PATH, and hopefuly you will be ready to go (a reboot may be necessary).

Once the JRE is installed, you should be able to run the program. Download the .zip file for the game you would like to play (for the purposes of these instructions, we will assume you are using the Paths of Glory program, abbreviation "POG"). Go to the directory where you unzipped everything and, for this example find the pog.bat file (if your computer hides file extension names, it might simply say pog). Click on the file, and the program should start!


Next, you will be asked if you would like to be the client or the server. One player must serve, and the other player(s) must choose to be the client.

If neither player is able to serve, there is an additional option of using a neutral third party server. If this option is being used, each player selects it and types the IP Address of the third party server.

The client(s) will be prompted to type in the "IP Address" of the server. An IP address always consists of four numbers (no more than 3 digits) seperated by periods (ex: The server should communicate this information to the client (by phone, chat, etc.). The client should then type in the IP Address in the text field provided, and press Enter.

Note that the IP address displayed by the program will not be correct if you are using a router. If so, the program displays your local IP address. In order to serve in this situation, you need to forward all traffic for port 2222 (that's the port number used by all Wargameroom programs) to that specific local IP. On my router (Netgear), this is done with a feature called port forwarding,, and I haven't had to reset it since I first adjusted it.

Once you have adjusted your network settings to forward the info, you must communicate your global IP to the client, and that is the IP they should enter. If you don't know how to do this, simply do a web search on "what is my IP," and you will get what you need.

If everything's correct, the program should proceed. The server will be asked to choose sides (or to have them selected randomly), and other options.

At that point, the map appears and the game begins!


Hopefully most things will be self-explanitory; generally you are prompted to check boxes and push buttons labeled with the appropriate commands you'd like to give. Note that, when selecting spaces on the board, you may always select them by left clicking on the spaces themselves (sometimes, you will be given checkboxes as well).

Right clicking on a space will usually show a text display of the contents of that space.

The term quit is generally not used to actually quit the program. It's used to allow you to back out of what you're doing. The program will generally let you take back anything that hasn't been covered by a die roll or by a decision by your opponent. EXCEPTION: The Quit and Save features found on the File menu actually do quit and exit out.


Once you are connected with your opponent, you may sent chat messages to him by clicking and typing on the bottom line of the program window.


You can change map magnification, make other customizations to the map display, and display various information such as card text by using the menu items at the top of the window.


You must exit the program in order to save the game. You can do this from the File menu in the upper left hand corner of the map display. Select Quit and Save, and you will exit the program and be prompted to enter the name you would like to give to the file.


If, for any reason, players wish to take back a move beyond what is allowed, a save file can be generated that rewinds to the desired point of the game. The program will exit, and afterwards you can reconnect, reload, and resume play from the previous spot. To use this option, go to the File menu and select Quit and Save (takeback feature).

This option is only available to the player who currently is currently being prompted for a game decision. The other player will also get a saved game on his end, but that save file will not be "turned back." If you wish to resume from the previous spot, only the player generating the takeback feature should load his saved game.


Please report all programming errors to Bruce Wigdor at

Please include attached copy of the save file (pogsave.wgr is the default name for Paths of Glory; other game's save files will be similarly named) that shows the problem. If the save file is not saved at the exact moment of the bug, please tell me when it happened!