Wargameroom Downloads

Important: Either you or your opponent must own a copy of the game (for instructions, see the readme.txt file enclosed with the .zip file)! 
Intsructions for Windows
Intsructions for Mac

Internet 1960: The Making of a President 2.4  (last updated 3/8/10)
Internet 1989 8.1  (last updated 10/14/13)
Internet Asia Engulfed 6.0   (last updated 8/26/13)
Internet Barbarossa to Berlin 6.0   (last updated 1/30/15)
Internet Combat Commander 6.1  (last updated 4/9/15)
Internet C&C: Ancients 5.1  (last updated 6/30/14)
Internet Empire of the Sun 3.3   (last updated 3/6/14)
Internet Europe Engulfed 10.8  (last updated 1/23/10)
Internet FAB: The Bulge 2.6  (last updated 5/1/10)
Internet Fire in the Lake 0.6  (last updated 5/7/21)
Internet For the People 5.6  (last updated 7/19/13)
Internet Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage 5.9   (last updated 1/29/22)
Internet Here I Stand 5.8   (last updated 5/7/21)
Internet Labyrinth 1.6   (last updated 10/19/12)
Internet Manoeuvre 1.5   (last updated 9/7/12)
Internet Paths of Glory 8.8  (last updated 5/13/16)
Internet Pursuit of Glory 6.1   (last updated 7/21/15)
Internet Sekigahara 1.5   (last updated 4/7/16)
Internet Successors 1.7   (last updated 5/14/14)
Internet Sword of Rome 4.6   (last updated 11/8/11)
Internet Triumph of Chaos 8.7   (last updated 5/1/21)
Internet Twilight Struggle 7.3   (last updated 4/7/16)
Internet Twilight Struggle: Red Sea 2.6   (last updated 6/15/20)
Internet Up Front 7.0   (last updated 6/16/20)
Internet Unhappy King Charles 3.0 beta   (last updated 4/25/15)
Internet We the People 2.31   (last updated 1/1/09)
Internet Wellington 4.6  (last updated 11/9/13)
Internet Wilderness War 3.8  (last updated 11/8/11)

Wargameroom Third-Party Server 0.2  (last updated 10/9/06)  -- allows a neutral party to serve for two or more players who can only connect as the client.

In order to run Wargameroom programs, you must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer.  Most computers these days have it already installed, but if you don't have it, Download the JRE

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