Wargameroom Leagues

Right now, the leagues are all inactive.  There is a very good chance a few leagues may be revived in the future, though!  Send any interest or feedback on this topic to brucewig@hotmail.com.

Here are the archives from all the action from the past!

Inactive Leagues
(for standings and results, click on the links below)
Internet 1960 League -- 2013 CHAMPION Paul Huntley
Internet 1989 League -- 2013 CHAMPION Daniel Dunbring
Internet Barbarossa to Berlin League -- 2006 CHAMPION Paul Hubbard
Internet Command & Colors: Ancients League -- 2010 CHAMPION Steven Duke
Internet Fast Action Battles League
Internet For the People League -- 2010 CHAMPION Riku Riekkinen
Internet Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage League --
2014 CHAMPION Ryan Keiffer
Internet Labyrinth League--
2011 CHAMPION Marco Poutré
Internet Manoeuvre League -- 2015 CHAMPION Antti Yli-Taino
Internet Paths of Glory League -- 2015 CHAMPION Tom Dreuding
Internet Twilight Struggle League-- 2015 CHAMPION Jedrzej Gasiorowski
Internet We the People League -- 2008 CHAMPION George Young
Internet Wilderness War League --
2008 CHAMPION Kevin Worth
Internet Up Front League -- Fall 2013 CHAMPION Bruce Wigdor