Wargameroom Leagues

Leagues are running and will starting up soon for many of your favorite Wargameroom games!  Join in and engage in official competition with other players!  

The leagues run on an annual basis (with start times staggered throughout the year) and each require a time commitment ranging between 4-6 hours per month.  All games will be timed to ensure that slow players do not force players to exceed this time commitment.  Most of the leagues feature a more brisk pace than found in the typical face to face tournament setting, particularly the longer games. 

Players are given a flexible schedule in which they are allowed to play their opponents in any order and at any time that they choose.  For more flexibility, there is a mechanism called a Deadline Event which allows players to receive a substitute opponent or be excused from a game if certain opponents are proving difficult to meet online.

Starts August 17:
The 2016 Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage League
2014 CHAMPION Ryan Kieffer

How to Join

f you'd like to join a Wargameroom.com league, send an e-mail to brucewig@hotmail.com, or leave a post in the Wargameroom.com folder in the Consimworld Discussion Board (Computers and PBEM Gaming) stating which league you'd like to join.

Leagues in Progress

(for standings and results, click on the links below)
Internet 1960 League -- 2013 CHAMPION Paul Huntley
Internet 1989 League -- 2013 CHAMPION Daniel Dunbring
Internet Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage League -- 2014 CHAMPION Ryan Keiffer
Internet Paths of Glory League -- 2013 CHAMPION Riku Riekkinen
Internet Twilight Struggle League--
2014 CHAMPION Riku Riekkinen

Inactive Leagues
Internet Barbarossa to Berlin League -- 2006 CHAMPION Paul Hubbard
Internet Command & Colors: Ancients League -- 2010 CHAMPION Steven Duke
Internet Fast Action Battles League
Internet For the People League -- 2010 CHAMPION Riku Riekkinen
Internet Labyrinth League--
2011 CHAMPION Marco Poutré
Internet Manoeuvre League -- 2012 CHAMPION Riku Riekkinen
Internet We the People League -- 2008 CHAMPION George Young
Internet Wilderness War League --
2008 CHAMPION Kevin Worth
Internet Up Front League -- Fall 2013 CHAMPION Bruce Wigdor